Sierra's All The Gold

Sierras All The Gold standing at StudStanding at Stud at Painted Bar Stables is Sierras All The Gold, 2002 Homozygous Creme perlino tobiano paint stallion. Detailed Pedigree including performance awards
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With two blue eyes and a beautiful, visible tobiano coloration on his creme coat, Sierras All The Gold makes gorgeous offspring that all carry the highly coveted creme gene that gives horses their beautiful Palomino, Buckskin, Dun, Cremello and Perlino coloration.

Sierras All The Gold is a rare find, a perlino tobiano with impeccable pedigree and calm and kind temperament. I've never seen a stallion so gentle and intelligent!

Bloodlines include: Hollywood Gold, Doc Bar, Jameen Tivio, Top Bracket, Lena Leo, Gay Bar King, Bill Cody, Leo Tag, Mr. Gunsmoke, Go Man Go, AND MORE all the way back to Man O' War.

Will produce 91% Buckskin and Palomino, 9% Smokey Black when crossed on sorrel/chestnut mares. He will NEVER produce Sorrel, Chestnut, or Bay. For information on equine genetics and how Sierras All The Gold's crème gene would apply to your mare please download our info sheet on equine color genetics.

Sierras All The Gold has been nominated for the ESPHC Stallion Service Auction. As a result his 2011 offspring will be eligible for the Paint Futurities. For more information about futurities and how they work click here. To bid on Sierras All The Gold (a discounted stud rate of 60%) email Sandy and Ken Cobb at


Fee Schedule for Stud Service

2013 Stud Fee
Includes booking fee

Additional Mare Stud Fee
Visiting Mare Care in for breeding

$15 per day with stall
$10 per day pasture board

Visiting Mare Care with foals at side
$17 per day
$10 to make/attend veterinarian call
$10 to make/attend ferrier call

4H Members recieve $50 off of stud fee for first mare. All other fees apply.

Sierras All The GoldSierraSierras All The Gold
Sierras All The GoldSierras All The Gold

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Sierra Mist PocoTwist

Sierra Mist PocoTwist
Sierra Mist PocoTwist
2009 APHA Palomino Tobiano colt

Stitched in Gold, 2009 American Warmblood Filly

Stitches of Gold
2009 American Warmblood Society Buckskin filly

Sierras Cuttin Gold
Sierras Cuttin Gold
2006 APHA Homozygous Crème and Homozygous Tobiano Colt

Sierras SilkN WhisperSierras SilkN Whisper
Sierras SilkN Whisper
2007 APHA Dun Homozygous Tobiano Colt

Other Offspring Include:

Sierras Fancy Gold
2006 APHA Palomino Tobiano Mare


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