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The Painted Bar Stables offers lessons to children, adults and seniors in a safe and instructional environment. Our experience is one that mingles the fun of horseback riding with learning about riding skills, horse behavior and general riding information.

Real World Riding Lessons
For youth and adults looking to improve their riding skills, learn proper English and Western riding styles and apply their riding to real-life situations in the arena and on trail.

Lunge Line Lessons
For kids ages 5-7 and fearful riders who need a little extra help for their lessons.

Tiny Tots Horsemanship
For kids under the age of 5 years old who want to learn how to be comfortable and in control around horses.
Adaptive Riding Lessons
No rider has a disability that can keep them away from horses. We regularly work with individuals with varying phyiscal limitations and mental disabilities to adapt the sport of riding for their enjoyment.

The focus of our programs is not shows, ribbons or external success, but the ability to ride safely in the arena and on trail in real life situations and to independently navigate obstacles. While our lessons do instruct using classic riding techniques, the goal of our program is to develop confidence, real-life skill and the knowledge necessary to ride or own your own horse.

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 Fee Schedule
Prices for 2015

Introductory Lesson
We love having new students and we understand that you might want to check us out and have an introductory lesson before signing up for a routine. In our introductory lesson we will get you right up on the horse in a private session and show you how we teach. This is also a great way for us to get to know you and match you with the proper group if you wish to take group lessons.
30 minutes of class time
First Lesson Deal: Your introductory lesson is free with the purchase of a package of lessons!



Group Lessons (3-6 students of equivelent age and experience)
70-90 minutes of lesson time including tacking up and untacking horse



Private Lessons (1 Student or any group requesting to remain private)
50-60 minutes of lesson time.



Private Young Child/Fearful Rider Lessons
Private longe line class for young children, or anyone older who may be fearful of riding.
30 minutes of lesson time

- $35.00

Tiny Tots Horsemanship Lessons
Private class for children under the age of 5 to introduce them to horses.
20 minutes of lesson time

- $20.00
Packages of Lessons  

5% off 5 lessons
10% off 10 lessons

Painted Bar Stables is a smoke free, alcohol free and drug free environment. We reserve the right to refuse any potential rider.

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We accept cash, check and credit cards
Gift Certificates are available.

4093 Lake Street (Rte. 79) Burdett, NY 14818