The membership program is designed as a lease option here at Painted Bar Stables. We have two options: Support Memberships and Pro Memberships.


Support memberships are designed for riders who: more novice riders transitioning to independent riding, desire company on their rides, and minors.

The Support Memberships are the perfect way for students to get a strong mix of both lessons and supported independent riding. Support Members receibe a monthly package of three lessons as well as designated "community ride" times where Support Members can come ride as a group in a non-instructional setting that allows for independent riding with more support. During these community rides, Painted Bar Stables staff will be present to answer any questions, but will not be necessarily instructing or guiding. Community rides can take place in the arena or on trail.

As a more novice membership, we require a competency level of strong walk and trotting abilities, but are more flexible on the canter skill set. The only requirement for people not yet at a higher level is that they do not practice new skills in their independent sessions and instead focus on honing the skills that they already possess, reserving the new skills for lesson time so as to not place undue burden to the animal or safety risk.

Our membership leases are for intermediate to advanced level riders who are capable of riding our horses completely independently without instruction or support. To be at a membership level riders must be able to prove to us that they can ready a horse without assistance, ride with independence, and control a horse at the trot and canter without undue burden to the animal or safety risk.

While similar to a typical lease in that riders get to ride a certain amount, our program differs in that each of our members is assigned a herd of horses instead of just one horse. This allows flexibility in terms of scheduling, as specific horses may also be required for lesson or trail programs. It also allows riders to develop multiple relationships with horses to work on various skill sets and to have spare horses available to them if one horse is lame or unfit to ride at any point.

This is a great program for the independent skilled rider who is not in a position to own a horse as it allows a good amount of freedom. Members usually ride alone, however some do jump in our scheduled trail rides when available to the general public to pull up the rear so that they don't have to go out completely alone. We also always strongly suggest that members take lessons in conjunction with their membership in order to keep tabs on their skill sets and receive advice and support, as well as get help from us for any problem solving needed in specific relationships with their herd.

Because of the need for our horses, we are unable to do half leases on our horses as we can not guarantee that a specific horse will always be available. However, as we rotate our horses through our lesson and trail programs, there are horses left in the barn that are free for use. The membership program came out of this situation.

Instead of leasing a specific horse, the membership program is a way to lease a selection of horses from our stables. This gives our members the opportunity to experience a number of different horses for different uses and occasions, as well as increased flexibility when it comes to access to our horses. 

All members are required to take two lessons on two different horses with our instructors and recieve pre-approval from Painted Bar Stables staff before being allowed to join the program.

There are different levels of memberships available depending on the skill of the rider and the number of rides desired a week.

Fee Schedule

Support Membership
For riders transitioning to riding independently, desiring of company, or minors.
With this membership, a member is granted 1 community ride per week and 3 lessons per month

Additional group lessons may be purchased at a 40% discount.
Additional Membership Rides may be purchased for $30

$300 per month

Pro Membership
Designed for riders who are able to ride independently in the arena or on trail without the supervision of a Painted Bar Stables staff.
With this membership, a member is granted 2 hours of rides per week

Additional group lessons may be purchased at a 40% discount.
Additional Membership Rides may be purchased for $28

$200 per month

Members are allowed to use their weekly rides on appropriate guided trail rides for trail ride clients, understanding that the priority and safety of the non-regular riders will be prioritized and there may be limited independence offered on these rides. Members joining these rides are expected to ride at the rear of the ride.

Memberships are a pre-paid riding opportunity. All memberships are paid by the 1st of the month and last throughout the entirety month. Only the first month can be pro-rated. 

It is the responsibility of the member to use their privileges that they are entitled. No discounts, refunds, rebates or pro-rates will be offered to those members who do not fully use their membership privileges.


Incident Report Form

If you are a member and you have an incident with one of the horses please use this link to report the incident and help us keep track of anything that occurs in the barn:

Incidents may include very minor experiences, but are still worth reporting. Examples of Incidents: Horses biting or kicking on trail, getting squashed in the barn, someone falling off, saddle and tack malfunction or repair needed, horses running through the bit or being hard to control, spooking, etc...


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