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Let us make your dream horse! Choose one of our beautiful APHA registered mares that you would like bred to our amazing stallion, Sierras All The Gold. We'll breed the mare, care for her and walk her through her pregnancy, deliver the baby and take care of the foal before it's weaned and sent home to you. By the time you get your baby it will be healthy, registered, halter trained and well handled and ready for you to help it grow into an amazing adult.

You'll be welcome to participate the entire time through the process.

All babies will be sired by our stallion, Sierras All The Gold.

There is a Live Foal Guarantee on the custom breeding. This means that if the mare does not become pregnant on the first breeding the client will be entitled to have us try to breed her again. It also means that if the foal is a still-born or is born dead the client will be entitled to try again the same year with another of our mares or re-breed the following year with the same mare. Upon birth every client will receive a video of their foal showing their beautiful, and very much alive baby. 

Every foal will be guaranteed 8 weeks of free boarding at the stable with its month prior to leaving the stable. We will gradually start weaning the foal one evening at a time starting at 4 weeks when they start to eat grass and hay. Foals may be completely weaned at 6 weeks and taken to their home, but it is suggested that the foal stay with its month the full 8 weeks. If requested, the foal may stay an additional month at ½ price board. After that amount of time, if the foal remains at the stables full board will be expected.

There are some limitations to the program. For instance, we never breed mares two years in a row - we give them a year of not being pregnant for their health and well-being. For 2012 that means that Maxie will not be available to produce a custom foal as she is due to foal in May/June of this year. We also as that all foals be born by the end of May, making June the last available option for breeding. We ask this because all of our mares are multi-use horses used for breeding, lessons and trail rides. If a baby is born by May, this means that we can have the mare back in the riding string by our peak season in August

That said, there are also advantages to having these custom foals born earlier. Sierras All The Gold is registered in the Stallion Service Auctions for the PtHA of NYS and the ESPHC. This means that all foals produced are eligible to be entered in the Open Futurity section of all futurity shows for both the Pinto and Paint shows in NYS. Futurity classes have the highest payouts of halter classes and offer the most rewards to foal owners. For more information about Pinto Futurities contact Joy Bartlett ( and for Paint futurities contact Sandy Cobb (

The cost of a custom foal is $2,000 plus registration and vet expense fees. Explanation is as follows:

  • Fees:
    $2,000 breeding fee
    $15 registration transfer fee to be paid to the American Paint Horse Association
    $40 one-year membership with the American Paint Horse Association (if a current member, proof of membership will be required for this fee to be waived)
    $160 Vet delivery and vaccination fees 
    • Pneumabort Rhino Vaccinations for Mare $45
    • Vet Visit Fee at Birth $40
    • Foal Response Colostrum Paste $15
    • Foal Rabies $20
    • Foal Coggins $25
    • 4-Way Vaccination (given to mare at month 10 so she can pass on antibodies to foal through milk) $15
  • A non-refundable down-payment of 50% ($1,000) is required prior to breeding the mare. This payment grants the client the permission to chose a mare and a date and secures breeding. This is requested upfront as it secures compensation for the imposition on our mare and the limitations that will be placed on our mare and other riding programs as a result of the breeding.
  • Veterinary fees of $160 will be due at month 8 of the 11 month gestation period.
  • The remaining fees will be due 6 weeks after the foal has been born prior to pick-up of the foal.


Maximum Review
Sorrel Tobiano Overo

Maximum ReviewMaximum Review

Palomino Tobiano Overo
Born 2010

Skip Me Awesome Cupid

Pepsi Poco LeoDandy
Black Tobiano


Buttermilk Palomino Tobiano
Born 2009


Bachelors Foolish Blonde
Palomino (potentially champagne)
APHA and PtHA Solid


Born 2010

MoonMoon Face

Double My Scotch
Red Dun Tobiano


Dun Palomino (Dorsal Stripe & Zebra Barring)
APHA and PtHA Solid

PixiePixie's Dorsal Stripe



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