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Painted Bar Stables is a 22 acre equestrian center located in the heart of Upstate New York's wine country. Surrounded by rolling hills and lush glens, the area is the ideal atmosphere for the equestrian spirit.

The stable is minutes from the Interloken Horse Trails that traverse the Finger Lakes National Forest. For more information on this 12 mile riding trail please click here.

Facilities include:
- Indoor Riding Arena
- Outdoor Riding Arena
- 3 Tack Rooms
- 22 stalls (12x12)
- 2 broodmare stall


- Waiver of Liability

- Stud Poster - 2009
- Breeding Agreement
- Equine Color Genetics

- Boarding Contract
- Health Care Schedule


- I Love The Finger Lakes


American Paint Horse Association
American Quarter Horse Association
- PtHA
Pinto Horse Association
Empire State Paint Horse Club
- PtHA of NYS
Pinto Horse Association of New York State


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Seneca Lake Wine Trail
Finger Lakes National Forest
Farm Sanctuary
Watkins Glen State Park
Watkins Glen International


A Beginners Guide

Every year the ESPHC (Empire State Paint Horse Club, the state representative of APHA) runs a SSA (Stallion Service Auction). What this means is that stallion owners nominate their studs by donating their stud fee to the club - people buy the breeding service for 60% with the ESPHC receiving the money and then the winner pays normal fees (booking fee, mare care and/or AI fees) to the owner.

The result is that people can get breeding rights for a greatly reduced cost to excellent stallions. All babies have to be Paint registerable (so there are TB, QH and Paint stallions in the SSA but you have to cross appropriate horses to register as paint).

The benefit to the stallion owner is that ALL of the babies produced by breedings from the nomination year are eligible for the Open Futurities held in the fall, even if they are purchased outside of the ESPHC structure. The babies can compete in halter weanling, the next year in longe line, and the year after in snaffle. These events are limited to JUST the babies from this select group of stallions that were nominated for that year so the events are quite exclusive. There is also a large payback for placing in them.

There are also the Closed Futurity events. These are only open to those who won the SSA and the stallion owner's baby from that year. So this is even more exclusive with an even higher payback.

The point of futurities is to advertise the breeding capabilities of farms - mares and stallions alike - and show how amazing your farm's offspring are. By showing one foal you demonstrate competance in your stallion and mare selection and therefore are also advertising your other foals as well. Thus it is a great opportunity for anyone who breeds horses.

Nominated for 2009
Sierras All The Gold

Sierras All The Gold is nominated for 2009 in the ESPHC Stallion Service Auction. His Stallion Service Auction fee is $360 and includes a live foal guarantee. All of his babies born in 2010 will be eligible for the ESPHC Futurities.

To bid on Sierras All The Gold (a discounted stud rate of 60%) email Sandy and Ken Cobb at