Wish List

Do you want to support the barn but don't know how? Did the barn offer your life something special and you'd like to give back?

We've started a wish list of things small and large that would really help us at the stables. If you see something on the list you'd like to buy us, just drop it off at the stables with your name on it and we'll give you a big shoutout!

Small Gifts Moderate Gifts
Lead Ropes Halters with Snap Throatlatch
Basket Pitch Forks Heated 5 Gallon Water Buckets
Neatsfoot Oil for Leather Winter Water Trough Heaters
Mink Oil for Leather Contractor Quality Hose
Box Fans for Stalls Heavy Duty Large Storage Bins
Halter Replacement Snaps  
Other Various Snaps Large Gifts
Scissors Jump Standards & Cavalettis
Dry Erase Markers Chain Saw
Bug Spray Riding Lawn Mower
  5-Mile Solar Fence Chargers
Helpful Gift Certificates  
Ithaca Agway Tack Needed
Tractor Supply Company Semi-QH Bars Western Saddle
Home Depot 17.5" English Saddle
  Leather Western & English Bridles
  Split Reins
  Cavesson Nosebands





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We accept cash, check and credit cards
Gift Certificates are available.

4093 Lake Street (Rte. 79) Burdett, NY 14818