We have partnered with a local watercolor artist Lisa Baechtle to offer what we think is a magical opportunity to paint while surrounded by a herd of 40 horses in a pasture at sunset.

                      $40 per class
                      $75 including art supplies  

Included in the class:
                      2 Hours Instruction
                      Access to the field “Art Area”
                      Limited Number of Horse Treats / Alfalfa Cubes
                      Barn Staff "guide" to the horses and their stories


This is a socially distanced opportunity where everyone would arrive at the farm, gather up their art supplies and march out into the pasture escorted by our staff.* In the field we would have a fenced off area for everyone to enter while they paint so they don't get run over by horses.

Throughout the 2 hour sunset class where we would watch the sunset and enjoy the horses grazing and be inspired to paint.

The class is designed for everyone. People who already paint can get some real quality instruction from a professional artist and instructor. Those who have never painted before can give it a try. And if people don't really care about painting and just want to be there in the field watching horses and taking photos, perhaps feeding some treats, this will be for them too!

*Assistance, adaptations and transportation can be made for anyone unable to walk into the pastures themselves.

**All painters must be at least 14 years of age. If youth painters are interested we would love to accommodate in a youth focused class. Please contact us via email.

Buttercups in the horse paddock

Sunset in the Horse Field

Hero saying Hi

Painting in the Pasture


More about Lisa Baechtle at: www.lisabaechtleartist.com

Pie and Praline by Lisa Baechtle


Rules and General Understandings

Be sure to be on time for the class. We will walk out to the field no later than 5 minutes after the start of class. Students cannot enter the field unescorted and may not be able to join if they are not there on time.

We do not have bathrooms in the field so please be sure to attend to any business prior to heading out into the pasture. Anyone who has need of a facility will be escorted through the field to the outhouse as needed. 

The painting area will be cordoned off within the pasture to ensure that the horses do not "bother" us while we paint and that we do not bother them as they socialize and relax. Nobody will be allowed to leave the cordoned off area without an escort. 

While within the painting area, please be sure to maintain social distancing from the other participants for both privacy and health safety.

Please remember that we are entering the horses' "living room." This is their personal living areas and they have the privilege of behaving as such. While there are general basic rules of etiquette that horses must always follow in relation to their behavior around humans (no nipping, kicking or pushing and general respect for personal space) these horses will not be tethered or controlled by staff and will be at liberty in the field. 

If you wish to purchase an art supply package there is an additional cost of $35. Art supply kits will include: Paper, 2 Paint Brushes, Water Color Paint, Plate, Napkins

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