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Unfortunately we sometimes need to part with our beloved equine friends as they move on to bigger and better things in their lives and give their love to other people. Here is a list of horses that we are offering for sale. Our loss is your gain.


Mia Stella

Mia Stella
1991 Bay Standardbred Mare

Mia Stella is looking for a more intimate home.

Mia is a lovely gaited bay mare with a star and one pastern. She has pulled carts, been ridden trail rides and had a small career as a show jumper. She has also produced some beautiful babies - her latest was a cross with an Arab is 2003. She loads well onto trailers.

Mia is a gentle soul and particularly likes women. She is very affectionate and especially understanding of emotions. She is the first stall I go to when I have a bad day or need to cry. She has a depth of understanding. She knows her cues perfectly and has a beautiful fluidity to her gaits. That said, she has been out of practice when it comes to arena work for some time and can occasionally be skittish. She still has the talent that she used to but I have only ridden her on occasional trail rides for the past year and thus she could use an intermediate or advanced rider.

She is a purebred 1990 Standardbred mare that has lost her papers along the way. She is 100% sound in every way. She has never had a lame day with me and I have NEVER used bute on her. She has no signs of arthritis, never foundered, and has great feet. Her teeth were just floated last month and she is current on her shots and coggins.

My vet has checked her for fertility, as I was planning to breed her this year, and she is in perfect condition for breeding. If the buyer would prefer, I can sell her either open or bred. Breeding would be to one of my APHA stallions for a 50% discounted rate (for the Perlino it would be $300, the Cremello would be $175). The baby would be registrable as a Pinto in the PtHA.



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