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Unfortunately we sometimes need to part with our beloved equine friends as they move on to bigger and better things in their lives and give their love to other people. Here is a list of horses that we are offering for sale. Our loss is your gain.


Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd
~1993 Red Roan Gelding

Elmer Fudd is DEAD broke and kid safe.
Goes English and Western.

Elmer Fudd is officially looking to find a new family! He deserves a girl or boy of his own instead of having a new rider every day. He just can't keep up with being ridden 5 hours a day anymore and is starting to feel a bit old.

Asking Price: $800
Age: ~17
Breed: Appaloosa
Color: Red Roan
Training: Elmer Fudd is DEAD broke and kid safe. Goes English and Western. He neck reins and direct reins, does lateral movements, and easily collects under saddle. No fear and a very brave leader on trail. Has NEVER bolted, bucked, reared or done anything silly. Fine with cars, tractors, tarps, water, motorcycles, roads, dogs, cows, other horses. He has gone on miles and miles of trails and taught many kids and adults to ride in the arena. Flawless ground manners. He loves to swim. Jumps small jumps but is a klutz with cavalettis.
Limitations: Slightly arthritic on his hind hocks. No limitations in terms of speed, trail riding, etc. I do not suggest putting him back into a strenuous lesson program, however. Loves to lead on trail and can be pushy to get up front. That said, he never leaves the group and he never leaves a horse behind as a leader. He will settle into the rear of a trail string when asked. He prefers trail riding to arena work but has been a very wonderful arena lesson horse here as well.

We have truly loved Elmer but it's really important for us that he find his "person." He likes loyalty and truly enjoys running around the countryside with a good friend. Elmer has a great personality and huge heart. He just really needs someone to share it with permanently

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